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Matured Rump Steak - per Kg

Matured Rump Steak - per Kg

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Our 21 day Matured Rump Steaks are a prime meat that can take big flavours when cooking them including BBQ, garlic and mushrooms.
Our Matured Rump Steak is £18.00 per Kg and they are individually hand cut to order.

Add the number of Matured Rump Steaks you want to your basket. We will confirm their exact price when calling you to pay for the total order.



You can make your order by phoning us on 01535 602 432 and we will weigh and confirm the price.

Alternatively, Order Online and request Collection or request Delivery. We will call you to confirm the delivery details and order.



To qualify for Free Delivery we require a minimum order value of £20.00 that can be delivered within 5 miles.

Further charges will apply for greater distances and we reserve the right to refuse orders outside of our delivery area.

We will call you to arrange delivery when speaking about your order details, including day of the week and approximate time. Please note that we operate deliveries by area on particular days to increase our efficiency and keep costs to a minimum.


Disclaimer: For online orders, we have set fixed prices, please be aware that while we try to get as close to the weight as possible, this won’t always be exact due to the size or cut of the meat.

For an exact measurement please order over the phone so we can weigh and confirm the price, or come into our Butcher shop on Oakworth Road, Keighley.

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